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Meet our friendly and hardworking organising team! We are all deeply involved in the MM community, have been avid readers, authors and fans for many years. We’re very excited to offer the opportunity for readers to meet their favourite MM authors in a UK setting at last.


My name is Sue and I have been with my husband now for 31 years, luckily he let’s me get on with my books without a word. Also, I have 3 very beautiful children, a son and 2 daughters who think their mum is a little bit crazy but love the fact that I’m having fun.

The book world has led me to some wonderful places and I have met some fantastic people who are now very good friends. I don’t exclusively read MM books, I love all sorts of Romance and Erotica but this is my genre of preference.

I have to admit that there is something about these books that not only draws me in but keeps me hooked. I can read any type of MM from innocent love stories to the hardest and dirtiest. Never one to follow the masses, I am proud to say that my reviews and opinions are 100% my own, and I hope that you enjoy my musings.

If I help to highlight the scope and diversity of the genre and to bring new authors to your attention then I will be a happy woman.

Sue is the founder of Books Laid Bare Boys.



My name is Fiona and I love MM! I’m London born and bred and happen to think it’s the most amazing city in the world. I have a (very understanding) husband and 2 grown up daughters who roll their eyes at me a lot. If you know me at all you’ll probably say I’m loud, brash, hilariously funny and completely obsessed with gorgeous male bums.

I love, love, love MM and read such a diverse range of books within the genre that I’m more than happy to add a review here and there. I have had the great fortune to meet many fabulous MM authors at various meets over the past 2 years. I have met and made so many friends through our mutual love for reading, but discovering MM is way more than just a book thing. Supporting LGBT+ has become such a joy in my life because the people I have encountered along the way are so inspiring. I volunteered at London Pride last year which was fantastic. I attended Prowler and Hustlaball this year which was an experience I’ve yet to process but made so many new friends it was totally phenomenal. I went to the UK MM meet in Southampton and that was so educational on so many levels it is something I will always value. And then of course there are the on-line forums and groups that have become as much daily sustenance as food and water!

It’s all brilliant, but of course at the very heart of everything is the books…


suebrownSue Brown is owned by her dogs and two teenagers. When she isn’t following their orders, she can be found plotting at her laptop.

Sue discovered M/M romance at the time she woke up to find two men kissing on her favourite television series. The series is long gone but the kissing was tender and Sue had a lightbulb moment.

Since then she has written many stories hoping to recreate that tender moment she saw on screen. Sue has high hopes that one day she will provide a lightbulb moment for someone else.



Carol: I have absolutely no doubt that I have been a bookworm since birth. The pleasure of the written word is in my opinion almost immeasurable. I grew up with some of my happiest moments being found between the pages of whichever book I was lucky to have clutched in my hand. A trait that continued as an adult until I finally gave in and accepted that my home just wasn’t big enough to house anymore books!

I had been resistant for far longer than I should have been to the merits of e-readers and it was the impatient wait for part three of FSOG that was my tipping point and I relented and bought my first Kindle. I now have three and my life and reading habits have changed beyond all recognition.I read every single day…without fail and the kindle is the only permanent feature in my handbag!

A Married Mother of two grown up children and the proud Nanny to two amazing grandaughters. I am now hurtling rapidly towards my 50th birthday later this summer and I have a feeling it will be thoroughly disgraceful!

The day job is as Facilities Operations Specialist for a Global Software Company and with the exception of Reading and my family, my other absolute passion is F1( Motor Racing).

Carol is the owner and founder of Books Laid Bare.


clarelondonClare London took the pen name London from the city where she lives, loves, and writes. A lone, brave female in a frenetic, testosterone-fuelled family home, she juggles her writing with her other day job as an accountant. She’s written in many genres and across many settings, with award-winning novels and short stories published both online and in print. She says she likes variety in her writing while friends say she’s just fickle, but as long as both theories spawn good fiction, she’s happy. Most of her work features male/male romance and drama with a healthy serving of physical passion, as she enjoys both reading and writing about strong, sympathetic and sexy characters.

Clare currently has several novels sulking at that tricky chapter 3 stage and plenty of other projects in mind . . . she just has to find out where she left them in that frenetic, testosterone-fuelled family home.

All the details and free fiction are available at her website. Visit her today and say hello!

Clare is a founder member of the organising team for the UK Meet convention, celebrating LGBT fiction, which has been running for 7 successful years.