FAQ 3 Blocks


What does it cost?
It’s £100 for an author table for the day, and £25 for a reader visitor.

Where is it, and what are the opening times?
It’s at the Holte Suite, at Aston Villa Football Club stadium.
The event is open from 10am to 4pm.

Is there any age restriction to who can attend?
Only those 18+ can attend, in any capacity. Some of the material on show and the content of the books may not be suitable for people under that age.
All attendees must provide ID at entry, proving they are over 18.

What ID will you accept?
Passport / photo driving licence / any other pass or card that has a photo and your date of birth. All ID will be checked confidentially, and is solely for the purposes of verifying age.

How will I know ongoing news about the event?
Join our Facebook Group to make sure you always know what’s happening.
When you sign up, we’ll also keep you informed of any important news by email.

How do I pay?
Payments are accepted by Paypal,
See the REGISTER page for direct payment buttons.
You don’t need a Paypal account to use Paypal – it’ll also accept debit and credit card payments.

Are there facilities for the disabled?
The venue is on the ground floor for easy access, and there is a disabled toilet.

Are there refreshments provided?
There will be somewhere to buy tea and coffee during the day, also food at lunchtime.
The venue does not allow you to bring in your own lunch, but their sandwiches and snacks are competitively priced.

How close is it to public transport links?
See the LOCATION page for travel details.

What do I do when I arrive?
Someone from the organising team will welcome you on the door, check in your ticket, and explain where everything and everyone is.

Is there somewhere to leave coats etc, and what security will there be?
There is a cloakroom that will be monitored by the organising team all through the event.

Is there anywhere to rest, away from the signing tables?
There will be a separate area within the room where you can rest in between visiting the authors.

Is there free Wi-Fi in the room?

Do I have to pay the whole of my ticket price at once?
Readers must pay the whole amount (£25) in one payment, in advance of the day.
Authors can pay an initial deposit of £50 to secure their place, but the balance must be paid by 30 April 2017.
We cannot “save” or guarantee places until the deposit is paid.
If you have any issues or queries re payment, please contact the Treasurer.

Can I pay on the door, on the day?
No. We are not in a position to take money and issue tickets on the day.
All tickets must be paid for in advance of the day, or entry will be refused.

Can I pass my ticket to someone else to use, if I can’t go?
No, tickets are not transferable. Your name is on it and will be checked against your ID.
We have to establish in advance who’s coming and that they meet the age and payment criteria.

Can I get my money back if I can’t go?
No amounts are refundable unless the event doesn’t go ahead.

How are we meant to behave at these events?
We want all attendees to feel comfortable and relaxed :).
Please show respect towards everyone at all times. Everyone is giving up time and making an effort to come together in a spirit of mutual enjoyment and celebration of MM fiction. We’re all fans!
There will be spot events and entertainment during the day, and please pay attention to announcements from the organisers at all times.
Please keep your goods and belongings safe, and avoid causing any hazard according to Fire Regulations and Health and Safety.

What happens if someone behaves badly or inappropriately?
Whatever happens during the event, the organisers will be there to monitor things.
We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone at our discretion, and also to ask anyone to leave if judged to be behaving in a way detrimental to the event.

Suppose “something else” happens, not covered here?
Please feel free to approach any of the helpers or the shiMMer Team, and we’ll do all we can to help you.



What do I get for my ticket price?
You will have a dedicated table space and your name posted in advance on the website and Facebook group as attending.

What about refreshments during the day?
Please see the note of refreshments in “General”.
We had hoped to provide you with a free lunch, but we cannot cover the venue’s catering costs at the moment. We hope to provide some free hot drinks for authors during the day.

I’m bringing a friend to help out at the table. How will that work?
Your ticket price includes free entry for one helper.
If you bring more than one, the additional helpers must pay an entry fee as a reader.

I’m attending on my own. How will that work?
We will have helpers at the venue provided by the organising team who can watch your table if you want to take a break / someone help you with signings etc.

Do I have to bring my own books to sell, or can my publisher send them in advance?
We’re looking into this, and hope to be able to offer a place at the venue where you can send books in advance of the day. Please wait for us to confirm this, and be prepared in the worst case scenario to bring your books with you, or have them brought by a friend travelling by car.

Can I ask readers to order in advance, so I know what books to bring?
Please feel free to provide a pre-order document for readers to order what books they want from you. However, we ask you to do this on your own blog / Facebook page / website, and if you send us the link we’re happy to add it to the shiMMer website as well.

How do I handle it if a reader has a large number of books to sign?
This is entirely up to you. Some authors limit the number to around 8, for each separate visit to your table, so that other readers don’t have to wait too long to meet you.
If you want to impose any restrictions/guidelines, please arrange a sign for your table so that it’s clear to all visitors.

How do I handle it if a reader wants me to sign something other than a book?
This is entirely up to you. Most authors are happy to sign Kindle covers / photobooks / t-shirts etc, as the reader is there to meet you as well as buy books.
If you want to impose any restrictions/guidelines, please arrange a sign for your table so that it’s clear to all visitors.

How do I handle book sales on the day?
This is entirely your responsibility. The organisers will not offer any cash or sales facilities on the day.
Most authors at these events arrange to sell books for cash direct from the reader.
Please make sure any cash you have on hand is in your safekeeping at all times. Neither we nor the venue can take any legal responsibility for your money or goods.

How much should I sell my books for?
This is entirely up to you. Many readers appreciate being able to buy a book at a discount price at a special event.
It may also be helpful to sell at round-pound amounts so you don’t have to worry about carrying change in small coins.

How soon can I get into the room, and how late can I stay?
The room will open at 8am for set-up, so authors can arrive any time from then.
Readers will be welcomed into the room at 10am.
The event will close at 4pm and the room at 6pm.

What are the arrangements for setting up and clearing away my table?
This is entirely your responsibility.
Please make sure you leave yourself enough time to set up before the readers arrive, and also to clear everything away and out of the room by 6pm at the latest.
We cannot guarantee picking up any lost or left-behind property after the event has closed.

Can I bring a promo tablecloth / banners / posters?
Yes, there is plenty of room at the venue for advertising material.
We cannot guarantee you being near a suitable wall for posters, so we recommend free-standing promotion, or posters in a document-holder or on a stand on/by your table.
If you have any special requests or queries about your table set-up, please contact us well in advance of the day.

Can I bring swag/gifts for the readers?
Yes, this will be very welcome, but please keep these on or at your table during the day. We don’t want either to mess or obstruct the room, or your materials to be lost in the melee!

Do I bring anything extra for the event itself?
We are running an Author Extravaganza Raffle, and are asking every author to supply something for a Grand Prize. This can be a book, or something equally as precious to our readers!
One of the organising team will contact you during the day to collect your contribution.
Proceeds from this raffle will go wholly to charities who will be announced on the day.


Is there any order or rules to approaching authors?
No, this is a relaxed setting where you can move from author to author at your own pace and priority.
Some authors may have queues at their table at times, in which case we hope you will visit other authors and make new friends!
At all times, we ask you show respect to the authors and also your fellow visiting readers.
And we hope you meet authors both known and new to you!

How many books can a reader bring to an author for signing?
Please check the author tables for any specific instructions or restrictions.
Some authors limit the number to around 8, for each separate visit to your table, so that other readers don’t have to wait too long to meet them.

Can I ask an author to sign something apart from a book?
Most authors are happy to sign Kindle covers / photobooks / t-shirts etc, as they want to meet you as well as sell books.

Do I have to buy the books for signing, at the event?
No. this isn’t mandatory, although authors will be hoping to sell those books you don’t already have on your bookshelf, or maybe a new title that’s only just been released!
Most authors will happily sign book(s) you bring from home.
Authors also welcome meeting readers, even if you don’t have anything for signing, or aren’t looking to buy!

How am I going to get all the books I’ve bought home? 🙂
I’m afraid that’s your problem! 🙂
There is a cloakroom where you can leave your purchases during the day, but we do not offer any shipping or transport facilities.
You may want to bring sturdy shopping bags that can hold books, or a wheeled cart or small suitcase.