Sponsor an Author



Whether you can come to the event or not – you can always take part!

We’re offering a special gift package for all our attending authors, that can be sponsored by their fans.

It will include many goodies, ranging from survival items for the day to just plain fun items – water, tissues, sweets, pens, key chains etc. – as a takeaway memento for them.

For a £10 payment, you can sponsor one of these packages, plus have an optional, personal message included in the bag. This could be a thank you for sharing their books, best wishes for the signing day, a “hello” smiley, a chat about what you like to read, how many books are currently in your TBR pile, etc etc! The only restriction is the messages must be respectful, non-judgemental, and relate to the shiMMer day.
Please also see the note * below.


sponsor-button-1<<<CLICK HERE if you want to buy a sponsorship gift for an author.

You’ll be directed to a Paypal shopping cart, so you can buy as many as you like – but there’s no obligation to buy more than one.

You’ll receive a thank-you email with 48 hours, also asking if there’s a special message you want included in your sponsor package. Please make this a general message i.e. suitable for any author, not one in particular*.

– we will choose the gifts and make up the bags. We’ll share pictures with you on our Facebook group!
– we will transcribe your messages onto gift cards to include.
– we can’t match your sponsorship up with any specific author of your choice. If you want to send a message to a specific author, we recommend you email them through their social media links/website. They appreciate feedback at all times!
– depending on what take up we have of this offer, you may “share” a package with another enthusiastic fan.

We’ll make sure EVERY author has a package, and they will really appreciate your messages and support.

ALL the money we receive from this offer will go solely towards the author gifts and facilities.